Aryaman Arora, Adam Farris, Samopriya Basu, and Suresh Kolichala. 2023. "Jambu: A historical linguistic database for South Asian languages." SIGMORPHON.

Welcome to Jambu

Jambu is a modern online etymological dictionary of the South Asian languages.

The Jambu project seeks to modernise and consolidate previous work on the historical and comparative lexicography of the South Asian languages—including the Indo-Aryan, Dravidian, Munda, and Sino-Tibetan language families. It is a spiritual continuation of the print dictionaries by Turner (CDIAL) and Burrow and Emeneau (DEDR), as well as the more recent online attempts at such a resource by the SARVA project and Suresh Kolichala's DEDR search interface.

A brief overview:

Jambu is named for the Indian blackberry, i.e. jambú [5131] or Syzygium cumini. India was historically referred to as jambudvīpa [5134].

Jambu is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.